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" I write and create, not only for my own expression but to inspire others to do the same...
let the creativity flow... "
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Words --- I have been writing all my life and continue to be inspired by the written word as it flows out of my pen... There are times when it just flows out of me and there are times when I go back and read what has been written and just wonder where in the world it came from ...

Images --- part of my writing ability comes from images... I can visualize entire cenamatic scenes and can plan and project entire
movie scores in my head... much of what I write comes from what I see and much of what I see comes from what I write... If you could ' plug ' into my imagination you would see entire film scores and scenes in full color with all the tonal values, shadows, settings and lighting ... I can see incredible light journeys as I listen to music and hope to record in some way, what I see....

Ideas --- I've never been able to put my arms around all the ideas that have poured forth... and many I have forgotten... how many song ideas have slipped away... story and movie plots... all in a non ending stream... but many have been captured... soon to come...

Designs -- words and images.... I love layout and design... whether simple pen and ink or a well produced television commercial or scene in a movie... manipulating words, light and images... there are a million ways to do it and I enjoy every second of it... constantly changing the landscape... and web design gives you an exceptional extensive canvas to work with as well as a blank piece of paper as well as the view finder of a camera lens or the lines of a song... pick your medium and let it flow...
Printing -- I think we have all marvelled at printed images... especially when we were small... where do these images come from ... what kind of magic produces these? Whether and image or inspiring words... I think we all sit back and admire ink or image on paper...

Publishing -- I feel that there is a book a poem or a song in everyone of us... you just have to let it go and have the courage to put your feelings down in black and white... why not?  It is something you can share... and yes there is vulnerability... but also a legacy and also an inspiration... and once you get started... who knows where it will end?

Photography -- I am in love with the ability to capture images...  I see pictures everywhere... I am constantly studying the landscape and the objects and the light and shadow in front of me...  I have seen millions of pictures and have captured many of them... I see them everywhere... a constant source... I need a roll of film that is a hundred miles long ... 

Web Design -- I feel lucky to have been born in a time where we have the web design media... It is almost unlimited in its scope
and provides a creative mind an unlimited number of options.  I have been in the data processing field since 1981 and feel fortunate that we are in a time where words, images, ideas and designs can come together for so many different avenues of expression. ( See the links on the index bar to the left to visit them. )
Knowledge is Power
Knowledge is Power .... Take a moment ... what does that really mean?  Supposedly spoken first by Sir Francis Bacon... this often used phrase has been a subject of my studies... with my quest to find the true answer... and ... I believe I have it!  Email me with your opinion of what that phrase means ....  if you want to know what I think the secret is ... mike@mmhall.com 
Work Smart  Play Hard
Work Smart Play Hard ... more of an ideal than a reality and I am constantly working on this one... Here is what I have so far... 
Take it Easy on Yourself
Take it One Step at a Time * Move at Your Own Pace
Pursue Your Interest With All Your Heart and Help Others Do the Same
Mind Your Business and Mind it Well *  Work for Results
Work to become more Valuable * Work With  Not Against
Don't get Overwhelmed  Don't' Take on More Monkeys than You Can Handle
Develop Your Unique Potential *   Take Intelligent Advantage of Every Opportunity
Use Your Resources Effectively * Continue to Refine Your Methods  *  Learn From Adversity
Develop a Sense of Adventure and a Sense of Humor * The Only Thing Worth Fighting for is a Dream *
Aim High * Be Dynamic Avoid Petty Like the Plague
Use and Maintain Your Tools Wisely
It's the Things that you Do that you don't Have to Do That Make all the Difference
Visualize the Results You Seek * Incorporate that which Helps You Eliminate that Which Doesn't
Enable and Enrich Yourself and Others * Seek to improve your life through understanding
Hold Yourself Responsible for your Actions
It's how effectively you use your tools, and resources, combined with opportunity, that gets you where you want to go

Always Seek the Perfect Wave...

Freedom  Creativity  Enterprise
Freedom -- gives you the ability to think and act freely... your birthright... use it wisely

Creativity -- the creative flow of the Universe -- flowing through you -- producing you and every thing around you...

Enterprise -- to bring into being -- to take the steps necessary to bring your idea from conception to reality -- whether a simple song to a poem to a story -- to a thriving business that you can love -- from concept to creation... from thought to tangible form ... this is the supreme accomplishment ... to make a dream come true... in spite of criticism, and despite all of your faults and the faults of those and the world around you... the ability to summon the proper resources and the courage to see it through....
" Tools "   ( those personal characteristics needed to survive... )
   " Tools "   

Integrity  - To recognize your individuality. Be yourself and all the personal power available to you is at your command. Sincerity should shine through your actions. Promote and believe in your own thoughts, feelings and existence in this journey through life. Realize and have faith in your unique potential. Have the courage to reach its limits. Be all that you are capable of being.

Humility - We can all bleed and feel pain. We all are sensitive creatures. It is our differences that get us into trouble and our similarities that get us out. We must realize that we either live as brothers or die as fools.

Understanding - Seek understanding and all else will follow. To ask when you don't know. Seek it in times of anger and confusion. It is a power all its own.

Knowledge - The relationship of one thing to another. Any fact or principle or conclusion that is relative to a situation. One of the most valuable of resources. One that should be used wisely.

Cooperation - Giving and taking. Working together for the superior common benefit of all concerned. A work force capable of reaching and securing the highest of goals and objectives. The principle behind many of mankind's greatest achievements.

Health - The awareness of vitality and its relationship to a good life. Consciously taking care of the body, mind and soul to efficiently achieve and enjoy the benefits you have earned.

Intelligence - The ability to perceive and put into proper perspective, evaluate correctly and act with efficiency. The use of knowledge, experience, common sense and imagination.

Craftsmanship - An attitude promoting the wise use of resources in the most efficient way for the most constructive and qualitative results possible. An approach that can be used in any walk of life.

Worthwhile Objectives - The key to channeling time, tools, energy and knowledge for a desired result. A commitment to a worthy cause. The way to reach a goal is to set a goal. The differences between people can be measured by their goals.

Courage - The Spirit that is free from fear is unlimited in its potential. Combined with health and intelligence, it is one of the most powerful forces on Earth. The ability to risk losing in order to win. To be criticized or to sustain and achieve a goal even after defeat. To walk into the jaws of death for a cause that you believe in. The ability to be who and what you are.

Trust - The keeping of promises. To honor obligations and commitments. To be able to do what you say you will do. The very foundation business, banking, creditability and friendship. A most highly prized possession, worthy of protection.

Self Respect - Earning the pride that comes from all that you have done. Standing on you own two feet, taking credit for failure as well as success. Living proudly for all that you are, all that you have been and all that you can be. Respecting the rights, the defeats, the ideas and the victories of others as well as your own. Choosing to measure yourself against the framework of life itself, rather than against anything or anyone else.
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please do not use the above works without my permission
thank you / mmhall
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Info Formulas
TEKRAM - tools, time, energy, knowledge, raw materials, mind power, muscle power

Use these to determine what you need to accomplish a task, from fixing the wheel on a little tyke's 3 wheeler to building a space station.  Either way -- the principle is the same. You will need some or all of these to accomplish anything.

KEST - Knowledge, Experience, Skill, Talent

This is what gets the job done.  What you need in an employee or left to right, what you need to do in order to achieve goals... starting with knowledge.  One extra element that can be added is attitude that flows through the rest. ( Then we could call it STEAK ! - at the very least, makes it easy to remember ! )

HWWJ - Health Wealth Wisdom and Joy

A good toast and a good point of reference or touchstone.  If it gives you more health, wealth, wisdom or joy, but not at another's expense and it is not illegal, go ahead and do it.  Also -- these are the four forms of ' wealth '  and will help keep you balanced if you pursue them in equal measure.

HICO - Health Intelligence Courage Worthwhile Objectives

You can put all of the world as it relates, in one of the first three categories ( physical / mental / spiritual ).  Worthwhile objectives is the one you use the other three for !
Armed and Ready -- the Art and Science of Using Information -- an analysis of what information is, what the different categories are, what makes each category different, ways in which info is used, tips, techniques and principles.  Read one chapter everyday and it will raise your level of awareness considerabley and show you how to use this ' stuff' ' we call knowledge.

Momentum -- Wealth Increasing and Debt Decreasing formulas -- wealth for the common man -- thoughts, theories, suggestions, profit theory, wealth accounts, ways of being more efficient, things to consider, mistakes we all make, things we can do to improve cash flow... basically my theories about money and how to make and keep more of it.

Always Seek the Perfect Wave --  Philosophies You Can Use -- a book of philosophical ideals and principles... a deeper detailed explanation of ' tools ' ( see above) and techniques for daily living.  Definately theoretical, but gives some tips on how to deal with life and people and situations.  Easy reading... some prose and poetry... nice mellow handbook to get you started and give you some simple, esoteric principles to live by.
1. you must build trust
2. you must be open and sincere and honest
3. a powerful site is a useful site
4. all sites start with and have a concept behind them
5. as a web worker, owner or editor, you are part of a online community
6. make your site a trading mechanism
7. seek to improve your customer's life in some way
8. you need to transcend the page so the viewer does not know it is there
9. you must model you page, its concept and action. What is the result that you seek? recognition?understanding? an order? a phone call? trade? promotion?
10. the greatest resource of our time is information.
11. the menu approach... get their taste bud's going...
12. if you are selling something, tell them what they will get.
13. why should they buy from you? What makes you different from all the rest?
14. encourage the first time buyer -
15. catch the eye, set the mood, start the sale -- get and keep their attention
16. it's about people first, quality second, promise third
17. points to consider -- why should they buy your product? tell them !
18. make sure you have a section where they can ask questions... ' just ask mike '
19. make your viewer feel comfortable while visiting your site
20. the main key to a successful site
         the people behind it
         the product 
         the ease of use
         usefulness of the info
         ability to provide and produce a quality product or service
         an efficient and fair price
         ease of contacting
         ease of ordering
21. you want to 'move' customers
22. you want to convince them that you are part of the community and will be around for a while         
Beyond the Web : Transcendental Marketing
Dream Wave...
'...the transition from idea to ink, from mind to paper via words... what is the power inherent  and is its cause a source found somewhere in the far distant galaxies...'
If you are to be successful...
you must redefine
and recreate
your world everyday
using the
knowledge you gain
through study
and though you may
seek the advice
of others, you must
set your own standards...
you must daily
practice using
your own judgement, rather
than the standards
and judgement
of others...